1. Let’s just dive straight in and start with a mega cheesy one that has to be said and is going to make you all need buckets shall we? I’ll admit it, it might be seen to some as being ‘uncool’ but I’m not exactly floating anywhere near the cool category anyway, I love spending time with my family (but not too much concentrated time I’ll add) & my friends are all absolute stars and fabulous humans so time with them is wonderfulIMG_5987.jpg
  2. Dancing / singing/ acting and performing… what a surprise seeing as this is what my life comprises of
  3. Travelling and indulging myself in another culture, visiting picturesque places, stepping out of the confusing bubble that is the English weather, enjoying local cuisine& learning the history of the area through locals.IMG_1478.JPG
  4. Staying in hotels
  5. Hearing the song of the ice-cream truck and running out to buy some FullSizeRender 2.jpg
  6. Deliveries. There’s something just so exciting about opening parcels despite them most probably being presents to yourself so you know exactly what’s inside, but it’s the anticpication of waiting for it to arrive and then unwrapping all the layers to get inside. 
  7. Getting into bed with clean sheets
  8. Having freshly shaven (and moisturised) legs. I know most of us ladies leave our leg hair to grow for as long as we can stand, sometimes it gets so bad that it ends up long enough that we could genuinely be mistaken for our hairier ancestors in a leg-line-up, (especially in the winter) so combatting this is just one of the best feelings! 
  9. Receiving letters (hand written are the best)
  10. Driving with the windows open and sunnies on when the sun’s out (and with music of course)
  11. Finding a bargain. I have to say I think I have quite a knack for sourcing out the great finds amongst the trash that normally make up the ‘sale’ racks & I’m undoubtably the one out of my friends that will deffo come complete with a coupon, I see that as a good thing as I’m doing everyone a favour! 
  12. Being able to translate something someone else says in another language
  13. Hearing old songs that remind me of my childhood
  14. Spending time by myself to reflect, think and find inspirations and self-motivation
  15. Cute summer evenings outside IMG_1446.jpg
  16. Taking part or competing in sports, or every sport team as I did in school.
  17. Receiving invites to events
  18. Random acts of kindness
  19. Smelling freshly-cut grass (even if it does often make me sneeze) 
  20. Receiving a massage
  21. Buying something I’ve been saving up for for a while
  22. Smelling a scent that reminds me of someone
  23. Clicking with someone instantly
  24. Using Lush products in the bath
  25. Someone playing with my hair
  26. Photography and managing to capture the perfect photo
  27. Getting new stationary
  28. Watching fireworks. There’s something so magical about setting light to little packages that shoot off and erupt into millions of tiny crystals of colourful light that I just love, especially when it’s on a huge scale& set to tunes. 
  29. Sitting infront of a lit fireplace in winter. Unfortunately in our house we don’t have a proper fireplace so the fake one has to do, not quite the same and it’s minus the logs, but it’s warm? 
  30. Christmas!!- Absolutely everything they there is to do with Christmas from decorating the christmas tree to the glorious food and spending time with family. 
  31. Halloween and Autumn- Why does dressing up still amuse me so much? I’m sure there’s meant to be a cut-off point for this but I’ve definitely not reached it! Halloween parties, layering clothing, autumnal colours, festively decorating the house, Halloween diy, leaves falling etc. IMG_6125.JPG
  32. Reading a brand new book
  33. Buying and trying on new clothes
  34. Baking goodies
  35. Picnics in summer with my friends and family (yes, believe it or not I did happened to have a picnic in the snow and it’s not quite as fun…)
  36. Everything Disney: Land/ World/ Films/ Songs, I LOVE it all (Disney Vlogs are my favourite to watch)28557_130601583626381_4972824_n
  37. Musicals (and the warm fuzzy feeling I get from watching & taking part)
  38. Using a fresh and fluffy towel (and warm if possible)
  39. Binge watching a series. Some of my favourites being Orange is the New Black, Grimm, Prison Break, Friends, Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars, Dexter, Stranger Things, Scream, 
  40. Giving and buying gifts for others
  41. Seeing improvements in myself and others
  42. The tingly feeling I get when people are doing positively using my items (it’s hard to describe and I don’t know why it happens to me but I like it!) Does anyone else get this? – Note from future Charlotte: I now think this might be some sort of ASMR but I’m not 100% sure!
  43. Lighting a divine-smelling candle
  44. Having my hair cut (Note from Future Charlotte: I had a humoungous hair change stay tuned / visit my Insta to see @clrobinson_ ) 
  45. Sledging in the snow. In other words trekking up a huge hill in the freezing cold & sliding down most often a mud/ sludge hill on whatever mode of transport you can find. 
  46. The smell of fresh bread
  47. Giving and receiving surprises
  48. Someone smiling at me as we walk past each other or exchanging greetings with a stranger
  49. Wearing new underwear
  50. Playing board and card games, I’m a sucker for a good game 
  51. Watching films and going to the cinema (this normally entails crying at them too) 
  52. Experimenting with makeup & hair, meaning either getting the shocked “what are you doing” face from my Mum or the rather confused “I shouldn’t like this but I do” face, mainly the first tbh.
    (Please excuse that this photo is from during my brows ‘growing out faze’)
  53. When someone I didn’t think knew me or would remember my name, does and uses it
  54. Exploring a quaint town or new village
  55. Beating someone’s expectation
  56. Buying fresh pastries from the bakery / bakery isle
  57. Dreaming (asleep and awake)
  58. Reminiscing memories, especially with other people; it’s one of my favourite things to do
  59. Laughing till I cry, something that seems to run in the family so it’s seemingly quite easy for us to do! 
  60. Pastel colours FullSizeRender 3.jpg
  61. Creating- Choreographing, imagining, attempting to draw, writing, editing videos or designing
  62. When the weather is perfect for a big day & feeling like you’ve just won the unpredictable English weather lottery (do you still take an umbrella though just incase?)  
  63. Hearing “I love you” (to me the “I” makes a lot of difference!)
  64. Ticking things off my to-do list
  65. Watching home movies and looking through old photos
  66. Setting a goal and achieving it
  67. Being proud of myself
  68. The Olympic song (and the Olympics in general): all of human kind coming together 221362_491517537534782_558020156_o
  69. Picking fruit, a favourite Summer and Autumn activity 
  70. Getting dressed up for a fancy event
  71. Photobooths and generally getting goofy & adorable photos taken with my friends to capture memories IMG_2635.JPG
  72. Taking time to be outside and being surrounded by natural beauty and just being in the moment away from stress and electronics 
  73. Eating fresh fruit
  74. Quirky clothes or gift shops, stationary, book or homeware shops- I LOVE homeware shops I could browse for hours!
  75. Realising the Gods are on your side when you accidentally turn up on time, or even early if you’re super lucky, when you should have been late
  76. Organising and writing lists (can’t you tell?)
  77. Blossom trees and flowers in full bloom IMG_7756.JPG
  78. A healthy but delicious smoothie
  79. The ache you get after exercising or working out (I know this means I didn’t warm up or cool down properly but I like being able to feel the hard work)
  80. Parking perfectly (and in the best space) on the first attempt (give or take a few)
  81. Sitting round a campfire/ outdoors fire toasting marshmallows, making s’mores and staying out till late​
  82. Receiving flowers. Quite a old gesture but a golden oldie& definitely goes down a treat with anyone.
  83. Getting up and doing things myself rather than wait for others to do them – being proactive
  84. The moment you realise you’ve made a really good friend or a friend for life
  85. Properly cleaning and tidying my room
  86. Taking that well-needed shower or bath after long day
  87. Going out and spending a bit of time having a solo adventure- going to the places that I want to explore, taking pictures and spending as much time as I want there
  88. Meeting, bonding and getting to know new people
  89. Feeling content when something is aesthetically pleasing and done to perfection
  90. Seeing my friends and family achieve and be successful and happy
  91. Using my time productively
  92. Listening to beautiful piano music/ compositions/  songs that build up and make me emotional/ move me in someway, whether its happy, sad or motivated etc.
  93. Generosity, compassion, positivity and kindness
  94. Facing and overcoming my fears
  95. Watching people do what they are most talented at
  96. Being pumped with adrenaline
  97. Finding self-confidence and gradually building up my self-esteem.
  98. The whole concept of going ‘on holiday’ even if this is still in the same country
  99. Fluffy or extremely soft things. Fact about me: if it doesn’t feel nice I won’t buy it, simple as that.
  100. Light and Lights IMG_5048.JPG
  101. Being able to see the stars in the nights sky and my favourite sights: skylines, sunsets/rises, beaches and nature IMG_5027.JPG

Thank you so much for reading, I’d love to know if any of these things make your heart happy & other things not included on the list.

Love Charlotte x 

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