As you can see from the title of this post, 1. I’m finally sharing with you some of my snaps from our family holiday to last year, and 2. I UPLOADED MY FIRST YOUTUBE VIDEO!! After years of wanted to take the plunge I’ve finally done it! I mean, I don’t actually speak in it, but I don’t want to run before I can walk! Hear me out here, because at least this is a start, considering how long I’ve been putting it off for! I’d even fully filmed a video before and deleted it whilst editing because it just wasn’t doing it for me, so I’m on the right road!

I had literally been trying to edit and cut way over an hours worth of footage down into the shortest video possible for 8 months, trying to fit this it in around my super busy academic schedule to be honest!
You can find my video over on my Youtube channel  ( )and make sure to like, subscribe and leave a comment for me! Enjoy!

Heading back to my Holiday, we had a wonderful time away, spending time at both Hotel Folias and Green Fields Hotel, after a mix up at Green Fields, (they double booked us so we had to spend a couple of Nights at Hotel Folias instead) in Gran Canaria for 9 days.

Aswell as relaxing by the pool and trying to soak up as much of the lovely sun as possible, we spent a lot of time exploring the island, including two animal parks, a beautiful port, the beach, and other local sights such as cute little nighttime markets, a church and the evening view over the town. We also made full use of the nearby mini golf and train ride, and revelling the upbeat live music that streamed out from the Irish pubs surrounding Green Fields Hotel.

This was definitely not the first time we’ve been to Gran Canaria, or stayed in this Hotel either to be exact, as we seem to be regular travellers to the Canary Islands, so there is obviously something that keeps pulling us back to this area of the world. I would very recommend it to families looking to go on holiday, particularly Green Fields (despite getting VERY busy on weekends in Summer months) although everyone, especially parents with young children, pack plenty of suncream! The sun can get scorching, despite there often being strong winds, and so suncream is a must!


Looking back through photos and watching the finished video brings back such happy memories from the trip and I really, really hope we can take a similar family holiday soon (although I’m trying to persuade everyone to branch out a bit and explore somewhere completely new… I’m not sure how well this is currently going down with my Mum!)

Seeya soon! I hope you enjoyed the post, pics and make sure to check out my video!

Love Charlotte x

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