Yes, it’s that time of the year again when make up brands release new or limited-edition products in the spirit of Christmas and the New Year. As you probably know from the title of this post, I’m reviewing the wonderful Make up Revolution 2016 Eyeshadow Palette. You may think this post is nearly a year late, which in all honestly it probably is, but the way I’m looking at it is that my review could change your opinion on whether to go out and purchase the 2017 ones. Clever right?

The past couple of years high-end palettes seemed to be far more popular with bloggers and the internet in general than cheaper drugstore ones, but I do feel that the lower-priced ones are making a come back and I’m all for it! Having expressed my love for the Makeup Revolution eyeshadow palettes in my review of their Essential Shimmers palette, there was no doubt that this one would be one my  Christmas list back in 2015, particularly as it was such a bargain, reduced to £10 and then eventually £8!

This 2016 palette comes with 144 shadows, a mixture of mattes and shimmers in shades from nudes to electric blues and purple. Ranging from a neutral eye to a vibrant statement eye, this palette is the one that carried me through 2016, and was used for every occasion possible.

Quality/ Pigmentation: For the price of the product, the quality and pigmentation of each shade is good (although not insane like some higher-priced brands) with the ability to build up the colour for a bolder look. Blending is quick, and easily achieved by just using the applicators included.

IMG_2441Colour options: The shadow options are very broad with a spectrum of colours and shades from pale and subtle to loud and bright, giving the ability to create a ‘darker crease’ look in pretty much any colour- I’ve even found myself experimenting with shades that I would have thought ‘too bright’ too use before. The variety of pretty copper shades are my absolute favourite for looks all year round, especially as they seem to make my blue eyes ‘pop’ more than any others, which is a bonus!

Would I recommend it? Of course! I would and I have! I even bought two of my friends the very same palette and they both raved to me about how much they loved it and used it. Definitely recommend it and its provided me with some lovely compliments on my makeup, which I definitely credit the palette for and not my -not-so-handy work!


I Hope you all have a lovely Christmas and New Years, see you in 2017!

Love Charlotte  x

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