If your Instagram feed is clogged with endless photos of suited n’ booted guys and gals fitted with barely-able-to-walk-in-heels, clutches, plenty of fancy make up and hair, crisp new suits with bow ties, and the half-drunken glasses of champagne that just have to appear in practically every photo because it’s ‘classy’, you know what time of the year it is: prom season.

A relatively new idea here in the UK that has been taken from the USA’s high school tradition, is Prom, which we now have here in England twice during our school lives; the end of year 11 (16), and year 13 (18).

IMG_2592Due to finishing my final year of school this summer, my prom took place on the 3rd July at a hotel not far from my school. The whole excitement of dressing up in a beautiful dress and doing our hair and makeup fit for the occasion, always thrills everyone, and the evening ended up being just perfect; spent with my closest friends and having a fab time dancing, dining, taking pictures and laughing throughout the night.It was wonderful!

I wore a gorgeous watercolour print dress in a variety of pastel colours, that I found on ASOS by the brand Fame and Partners. I was slightly worried about how the pictures of it would come out, as the colours appear different in different lights, (some lights not making it look the nicest to be honest), but thankfully the lighting in most of the pictures captured it perfectly! I did my hair and makeup myself, using curlers to make ringlets and then taking a bit up with a butterfly clip, and using my handy Revolution (the 2016 full) eyeshadow palette to create a subtle eye along with a quite a bright pink lip.

I hope you all had a lovely summer enjoying the warm(er) weather, spending more time outdoors, being in the company of others, tasting the seasonal summer foods and making the most of all the things that make up summer.
Whether you’re starting University, a new school year, another job, or just returning to exactly what you were doing before Summer, (or even if you aren’t returning to anything as you never left), make the most of the time you have now and live in the moment. You can never go back to exactly this time and this day no matter how much you wish for it, so don’t miss a second of the adventure.

I Hope you enjoy the selection of photos below!

Charlotte x


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