My little Brother’s birthday last week, brought around another trip to Prezzo restaurant, and therefore another delicious dish of pasta (I’m sorry but I’m not a fan of pizza!) and a review to follow it!

Seemingly the Robinson’s current preference of restaurant at the moment, with such a wide variety of Italian dishes available, there is something that everyone will enjoy, and the service, value for money and speed of serving are amazing- (to be honest, the service at one branch has almost been too quick before, and I’ve never said that at any other restaurant!)IMG_1119

My Mum, Brother and I, all went for a familiar favourite again, FUSILLI ALLA RUSTICANA, described as Fusilli pasta with “Seasoned chicken, pancetta, peppers and  rosemary in a creamy pomodoro sauce”

As an avid pasta-lover, I can honestly say that it is one of, if not the most enjoyable pasta dish I have had in a very longtime! It is not spicy whatsoever, perfect for those like me that can’t handle heat! The flavours of the ingredients blend so nicely together, resulting in a beautiful, tomato pasta dish. Overall I couldn’t fault anything with this meal and would highly recommend it to anyone as its definitely worth the try!


We don’t normally have dessert, but Chloe and I pulled out our best pleading-lines such as “but it’s a special occasion”, and it seemed to work! After a suggestion from the waitress, we ordered the HONEYCOMB SMASH CHEESECAKE, described as: “Blended and topped with crunchy honeycomb pieces coated in chocolate.” IMG_1131

I’m an avid cheesecake-lover, and this one was, simply delicious and everything a cheesecake should be, creamy yet slightly ‘crunchy’ too. The only slight thing that we found was that the honeycomb was very very subtle, which might have been bang on other people preferred tastes, but seeing as it was a ‘Honeycomb smash cheesecake’, we all felt that it could have done with a stronger flavour. Overall though, it was another high standing desert and I wouldn’t hesitate to order it again.


Our trip to Prezzo resulted in us having a lovely meal out, (the service was really good) and thoroughly enjoyed our time celebrating Chrisy’s birthday together. I hope you had a fab birthday little bro’ and we will be sure to return to Prezzo very soon!

Charlotte x 

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