‘A pass the parcel gift – each layer has something different to offer. This is not for a quick bath because it takes its time, this bath bomb. Its layers of golden lustre, dazzling colours and soluble gold stars are a wonder to behold.’- Lush

I know this is a review of a Christmas bath bomb (and one that I had sitting around and ready to use for ages but never got the chance to do so) but I have had it sat in my ‘drafts’ for a while, and thought that I probably should post it at some point; better late than never I suppose… well that’s what I am going with anyway!

So, the Lush Golden Wonder, can I just say, what a lovely gift it was indeed! My best friend gave it to me for my birthday last year (I know that still doesn’t make it fit under the Christmassy bracket but we will live to accept that and I promise it was in the Christmas collection) and she was so excited for me to use it and she was like “the inside is so cool and I really want to see it, please, please send me a picture of it!” Lush is one of my favourite shops, and without a doubt made my favourite bath bombs, so I was super excited to use it in my bath!

Unwrapping the bag, the bath bomb is a lovely glittery gold-yellow colour, shaped like a present with a white bow shape on the top if it, creating the perfect ‘golden gift’ in which it was named after. It’s quite a large bath bomb, great for using in smaller doses and keeping for another day too, although I did choose to use the whole thing so that I could experience the full spectre of colours. It also rattles! It makes a noise if you shake it from side-to-side, which helps to give the impression that it really is a present, which is a lovely touch.DSCF6930As soon as the present touched the water it began to fizz and yellow and white froth spurted out from the bath bomb and filled the bathtub. Then progressively, as the present is ‘opened’ a bright blue colour took over from the yellow and white, with hints of other colours too, and tiny little gold stars appear from within, which handily dissolve into the warm water after some time; a magical touch creating a night-sky effect. The bath becomes a bold teal-blue-green colour and shimmers with gold sparkles throughout, which is utterly enchanting, and I felt like a real mermaid!

DSCF6936Gold wonder smells like one of their previous creations, Snow shower Shower Jelly, smelling quite citrusy, with pangs of orange and lime present, but it also manages to smell clean, fresh and relaxing at the same time; a contrast to the heavier Christmassy scents in the collection. Once fully dissolved, the water and bath bomb felt really smooth and gentle on the skin, leaving it feeling soft, nourished and with a subtle golden, glittery shimmer left afterwards, which was a lovely additional touch to the Bath Ballistic! This little golden wonder is way up there with one of my favourite Lush bath bombs to date! The only negative was that (unlike many other users), it left a gold sparkly residue around the bath, which my Dad was not too impressed with I have to say!

If this bath ballistic continues into future Christmas Lush lines, I would definitely recommend you stock up on them as they are a special, stand-out bath bomb like no other, with beautiful colours and the cute little golden stars making it a perfect gift for that special person.


Charlotte x





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