I am officially an adult! Ohh my goodness I am so old now! If you hadn’t already guessed by the title, I had my 18th Birthday a couple of weeks ago, on the 20th March and I spent the day with my family, being treated like a true Princess. It is so weird to actually be classes as an ‘adult’ and in some ways it has already been amazing, and others not so great as I can no longer get away with being a kid!

On my birthday I went out for lunch at Prezzos with my family, and then went round to my Grandparent’s house to see my extended family (excluding those up north) in the IMG_0737afternoon, where they had arranged such a cute little gathering (which I think was meant to be a surprise but I already knew about it- opps!). Light pink paper pompoms hung around the room, ‘Happy Birthday’ banners and photos of when I was younger taped to the walls and a table full of pink foil fountains, 18 badges, confetti, party pIMG_0757-1oppers, a white decorative bird cage, and other pink 18 decorations. It was a lovely day and I am eternally grateful for all the wonderful and generous things my family and friends are willing to do for me, and the guidance and support they give me.

I spent the weekend surrounded by my friends; at the dance show we were taking part in on the Saturday evening, and then celebrated with them at a friends sports-themed party on the same weekend as my birthday. I have since had a small number of friends round in the Easter holidays to have a ‘chilled’ evening without all the chaos that normally occurs at parties! We thoroughly enjoyed (and demolished) the chocolate fountain (which took us back to our childhood party-days) and plenty of dipping foods, played cards against humanities for the majority of the evening, which provided plenty of laughter, and then just spent time in each others company, which is all I really wanted to do for my birthday; spend it with the ones I love.


A small selection of the things I can do now I am 18:

  • Make a willDSCF1605
  • Open up my own bank account
  • Buy and watch an 18 rated film
  • Buy alcoholic drinks
  • Buy fireworks
  • Vote in local and general elections.
  • Get married without parental permission (like this is going to be happening anytime soon!)
  • Gamble and place bets in a betting shop or a casino
  • Get a tattoo
  • Serve on a jury
  • In most places I can now book a hotel room (UK) which means I can travel! Yay!

Thank-you everyone for the wonderful messages and to those that truly made my day magical and made me feel like an utter Queen, you mean the world to me and I am so very grateful. I love you all dearly x

Lots of Love

Charlotte xx

P.s. To top it all off, I also got tickets to see Aladdin when it comes to the West End in Summer, which I am so excited to see as it has been smashing it on Broadway! It is also another musical I will be able to ticket off my Bucket-list, so far that is 3 this year, which is incredible!


🎈Birthday Queen?¿

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2 thoughts on “18th BIRTHDAY!”

  1. I just left a comment on a girl, obessed for you. I love your blog!!! It’s pretty kewl that you can drink now at 18, here in the USA is 21.. I’m way older than that…lol… Good luck on your blog and keep up the good work.<3

    1. Thank you so very much, as I just said over there too, you are far too kind! Hopefully I’m going to get the chance to visit the USA before I’m 21 as that is one of my biggest travel goals at the moment, but I think it would be so weird going from English laws to American! Thank you! I hope you enjoy reading it, more posts will be coming shortly! X

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