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So we just so happened to get lucky, in the fact that on a Facebook local seller page that my Mum is part of, someone posted that they were selling their tickets to see Billy Elliot at Victoria Palace for £25 each, when they bought them for £67-8. My Mum, immediately raced to ask me whether she should get the tickets, and of course I said “YES!”. Thankfully we were the first to ask for the tickets so we ended up with two stalls tickets to see Billy Elliot on Wednesday (2nd March) after my dance college audition that day.


Eager to see the show before this, due to the hugely positive feedback, it being my friends favourite musical and the fact that it is leaving the West End on 9th April after 11 years, I was thrilled! After my audition in London that day, my Dad and I made our way to China Town for amour favourite Chinese; Wong Keys, and then to the Theatre later on, (on the way passing a number of theatres including my favourite two musicals; Wicked and Les Mis (which I still need to see live!)).

img_0521Just walking in to the Threate, there was already a super excited atmosphere, as we bought programmes, refreshments and found our seats. We were sat in seats (Stalls) S24 and S25, classed as restricted seating but we didn’t miss out on anything at all (only the high ceiling of the stage but you didn’t really need to be able to see that anyway and we got an amazing deal for the seats and the show.

Despite the bad language use throughout the show, I can honestly say that it appeals to a large range of audience members as we could see both the young and old loving it. My Dad (who sometimes sits out of these things even though he loves trying to work out how they do all the scenery etc as he is an amateur stage manager), found it HILARIOUS! He comes from up north and the area in which the musical is set, and apparently lived throughout the period of time too so he understood bits that I didn’t. Plus, although we were all laughing throughout, some bits he was honestly laughing so hard and so loudly too which was slightly embarrassing as he ould be heard over probably the 1000’s of audience members (especially at Deka Walmsley as ‘Dad’ as he was so funny and played the part down to a tee!)

The singing and dancing, which are always my favourite bits of musical, were stunning! It was so unusual to see such a large male cast dancing the majority of the time and the choreography was ingenious. If you have seen it, my favourite dance sections were the bits with the policemen and miners dancing together with small and detailed actions, and also Billy’s solos. Billy, who was played by Thomas Hazelby was incredible! His acting, singing and dancing were immaculate, perfectly on time and very talented,  (only a couple of tiny bits of the ballet were slightly out of alignment but I could only tell this as I am a dancer and I am being very  picky about this!), but in general his voice (both singing and acting) was exactly what the character needed and he mastered ‘Electricity’ and the Swan Lake piece. (P.s the tumbling and use of aerial was amazing).

Not including the parts already mentioned, another favourite part has got to be (SPOILER ALERT!) the giant clothes in ‘Expressing Yourself’ which I honestly had no clue happened, before I went to see it so it was a lovely surprise! The scenery, costumes, props and lighting, particularly in this section, were like a show in itself and were used to the full extent which really complemented the talent on stage.

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Throughout the whole thing, despite there only being certain parts that are meant to be few emotional sections, which I did nearly shed tears at (I made sure they didn’t shed as 1. I still had my audition make up on which would have gone everywhere 2. My Dad was sat next to me and he would probably have laughed at me), I don’t mean to be soppy, but the whole thing just made me so emotional as I realised why I want to go into dance and performing arts so much.

I 100% would recommend seeing Billy Elliot the Musical to anyone (even though it is leaving the West End very, very shortly so I’m so glad I managed to see it before that happens), and I am also really happy to be able to tick the show off my Musical Bucket list and say that I would definitely go to see it again if I ever get the chance to- well worth the £25 we paid for our £67 seats!

I would love to know whether you have seen Billy Elliot the Musical and if you enjoyed it just as much as I did, so keep me updated in the comments section. Have a good week!


Charlotte x


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