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Another week, and another cheeky lunch at Bills; my favourite!

I am a creature of habit, and this being my 4th trip to Bills, I returned to a meal I know I love:
CRUMBED HALLOUMI STICKS & BILL’S HAMBURGER with Monterey jack cheese and streaky bacon.

I don’t normally go for numerous courses when I go out, but for this one I splashed out. In the days leading up to the planned lunch date, my craving for this meal had been undeniable, so I ended up sharing the Halloumi with my friend (again- this is beginning to become a bit of a tradition!) and loading up my burger with my favourite toppings. What can I say, I don’t regret it at all. It was divine, and Bills mastered it yet again.

My friend and I were discussing (whilst savouring every mouthful of the halloumi as we were in heaven), that if we could live on one starter for the rest of our lives, what it would be. I can tell you now, it didn’t take us long, (probably a number of seconds), to both agree that we would live on this dish out of any. If there is anything that I can already recommend that you try, it is to definitely order this starter.

I have previously reviewed the Halloumi and Chicken Caesar salad, which you can go and check out here, but it just seems to get better and better each time so I can’t help but add to my review. img_0359-1The cheese is beautifully stringy and not rubbery at all some some halloumi is, not overly salty and it is almost a match made in heaven with the lemon garlic mayonnaise. I’m not a huge fan of mayonnaise normally, but I’m pretty sure I could make this work with almost anything it’s that good, and couldn’t help getting bit dollops with each halloumi stick. (We both didn’t touch the pickled red onions though, but at the time we did think they were beetroot, so that’s a good excuse- isn’t it?)

The burger was cooked to perfection too; slightly red on the inside but tender and full of flavour throughout, mixed with the crispy bacon, cheese and salad. img_0360-1The only problems I had was with the gherkins which made an unwanted appearance in the burger, (they are 100% a no from me, so they had to go immediately), and that my bacon was ‘leaking’ and leaving a trail of liquid behind on the plate. It wasn’t off-putting as such, it was just very messy and meant that I couldn’t really place my burger back on the plate after picking it up, as it would have been made quite soggy. However, that wasn’t really a ‘complaint’ as I know it’s probably hard to stop that from happening and get the same final product, I just thought I would mention it.

The service was good with a short waiting time for food (although it was quite empty), though we didn’t have a lot of interaction with the staff, just the orders and clearing and bringing of food (but that might be just dependant on our meal and timing etc. as the pace of the meal was completely up to us). The feel of the restaurant and decor is so unique and wonderful at the same time; exposed wood and metal to create urban-chic.I would highly recommend a meal out at Bills to anyone, as the food is cooked to a high standard and it thoroughly enjoyable.

Thanks for reading!

Charlotte x

Bills website: https://bills-website.co.uk

My Previous Bills food review:  https://goo.gl/pTrHHx

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