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My first of hopefully many to come; a make up review! Although previously very interested in the topic (however being very bad at the application of it, despite being a dancer, which should really help!), about a year ago, I really got into the whole try-to-perfect-my-makeup-technique thing, and reading blog posts and watching Youtube tutorials showing me how to do this (something I would someday love to be doing), and because of this, I have been slowly trying to grow my make up collection (although it has been taking a lot longer than I had hoped at the moment.)

IMG_7346When cheekily asking for a Naked Palette Christmas 2014 (I knew it was never going to happen but it was worth a try!), I received my first Revolution Eye Shadow Palette from my parents- and what can I say, my Mum uncovered a gem! Since getting my first Palette I’ve been facing almost an inside battle: wanting to use the Palette due to its utter beauty and ease in application, and then also not wanting to use it as I want it to last as long as possible! However, as the palettes are readily available in drugstores such as Superdrug at only £4 (very good value for money!) I needn’t worry about the later.

The palette I received was the ‘Redemption Palette Essential Shimmers’, which comes in a black plastic box, with a clear ‘window’, allowing you to see samples of the colours. The 12 different shimmer shades in this palette are all beautiful and can be used to make a range of different looks; from neutral spring looks, gold or copper summer looks and to dark evening looks, the options are numerous. My favourite colour in this palette is the copper shade, which is stunning when paired with a shimmering summer look, or even a wrapped-up autumn outfit, (and it helps to bring out the blue in my eyes too, which is a bonus!).

IMG_7141Cost: Very affordable from drugstores- £4, well worth the money!

Quality/ Pigmentation: Really good quality, well pigmented with this varying sligtly for the individual colours, some with less pigment, others with more, I would guess that it is best used with a primer or setter though, as the palette as a whole is quite well lasting, but easily removed by accident throughout the day (I need to get hold of one).

Colour options: Good choice of colours, especially the copper and golds, however they are all shimmers as the name of the palette suggests so some people may not chose this palette over some of Revolution’s other palettes, and I have only used two of the darker tones, (although that is not necessarily due to the colours there, probably just because I have just chosen to use the others with my looks so far).

IMG_0287Would I recommend it? 
YES definitely, and I have to a number of my friends; a number either now into the makeup brand and palettes and have brought some since, or were before and share my love for them, and my Mum has really got in to the brand too, buying some of the face and eyeshadow products. I also bought two of my best friends the Revolution 144 Eyeshadow Palette 2016 collection for Christmas, and I happened to receive one from my parents too, so that will be in a post to follow at some point.

Since I don’t feel like I have posted in ages, I hope you all have had a lovely weekend, and that your 2016 has been going well so far, speak soon.

Love C x

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