Hello, and welcome to 2016!

I’ve always wandered why so many people enjoy the whole idea of having a New Year and a fresh start. I’ve never really needed a fresh start as the New Year’s that I have witnessed, I’ve always been too young really, so the New Years, just meant that I was to become another year older- closer to no longer being a child. It has also sort of scared me as it meant that all the things I had dreaded in the Year to come, that I had previously pushed away as they had seemed too far in the future, were now things I had to tackle- like my dance College auditions this year (terrifying!). So I have never really looked forwards to the New Year.

As this year is such a big one for me: the year I turn 18, the year of my final A-Level exams, the year when I leave school and the year where I fully decide exactly what the rest of my life might look like; it isn’t something I have been excited for, in fact its been almost the opposite, as it hate changes! So instead of wandering through the year dreading it, why not pick out all the positives instead?

  • I may hopefully enrol in a full-time dance/ musical theatre college/ course this year if the auditions go to plan- *fingers crossed*
  • I have the freedom of an 18 year-old (although I don’t really seen this as a good thing, but I guess it is, right?)
  • 2016 Olympics
  • Year 13 Prom

    Year 11 Prom
  • Spending time with family and friends
  • Hopefully a holiday with my friends in the summer (however this HASN’T been going to plan so far!)

So, rather than making ‘revolutions’ as everyone always seems to have already broken them a couple of days in, I though I would just make goals:

  • Go to somewhere new
  • Increase my confidence- especially in singing
  • Give my auditions my all
  • Achieve my personal best in whatever I do- it doesn’t matter what anyone else achieves, life isn’t all competition!
  • Enjoy the smaller things in life and capture all the details
  • Blog more!- (sorry for the inconsistent posting! I’m trying to work on this!)

I thinks it is such a good idea to set goals for the year to make sure that there is something that you are aiming to achieve through out the year. Make sure they are things that you are able to achieve so that you aren’t asking  too much of yourself, as that way you definitely won’t reach your goal! Remember to take each one in baby steps, don’t try to complete the whole thing at once as your goals aren’t there to stress you out!

I hope you had a wonderful 2015, and best wishes for 2016, I wish you happiness and health and I hope you manage to achieve any goals you set for yourselves.


Charlotte x

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