Happy Holidays!

Although I have been feeling festive for a LONG time already, I thought I would help out some of you that haven’t quite reached the full on Christmas Spirit stage yet, by giving you 30 ideas that will really get you into the festive cheer. I hope you enjoy reading, and keep me updated with which ones you have already done and which ones you would love to do this winter. I know there are still a couple on here that I haven’t even done yet, so I better get cracking!

  1. Decorate the Christmas tree!- my favourite thing to do! IMG_9541
  2. Give your house (or bedroom if your parents won’t be too happy!) a festive makeover- fairy lights, bunting, holly, and mistletoe; why not combine the bought, homemade and natural decorations together to achieve the most festive outcome? I promise you, it (should) look fab!…. Unless decoration is really not your area!
  3. Open your advert calendar- you could buy one with pictures or chocolate in, or make one where you either fill pockets or send the person on a hunt to find a small present by giving them a clue each morning which leads to that day’s gift. If you are doing this with children, for each day you can put ideas of things to do with the family, such as painting christmassy scenes, playing in the snow or visiting extended the grandparents.
  4. Go to late night Christmas shopping
  5. Watch your local nativity
  6. Attend your town’s switching on of Christmas lights 
  7. Those of you that are fitness-fantics could do a ‘Santa Run’ if there is one close to you
  8. Snuggle up and have a Christmas movie day
  9. …while drinking hot chocolate (with marshmallows and whipped cream of course!)
  10. Attend/ host a Festive party with all your friends or you could have a smaller gathering for Christmas Dinner and present exchanging with your friends if that is more your thing
  11. Go to see the Oxford Street lights (though I highly recommend seeing the Blackpool Illuminations)
  12. Visit a Christmas fair and stock up on unique gifts and home decorations that definitely wouldn’t have been found in your shopping centre
  13. Go ice skating– there are plenty of outdoor ice rinks which open for winter which set the festive spirit such as Windsor, Hyde Park (Winter Wonderland- London) and Westfield- London. Or for all you New York fellas out there, why not take a trip to the ice rink in Central Park (it’s on my Bucket List so if you don’t I (hopefully) will!)
  14. Watch a pantomime
  15. Bake!– gingerbread houses to mince pies, there is just so many fabulous winter recipes out there, and ones that will definitely add sparkle to your Christmas spread
  16. Build up your Christmas jumper collection– both tacky and those more acceptable to wear in public- task: to get as many of these to fit with as many different outfits as possible and see how many times you can wear each one without someone else noticing
  17. Take your children/ younger sibling to visit Father Christmas
  18. Send your letter to Santa– http://www.royalmail.com/letters-to-santa
  19. Turn on the Christmas tunes and make your own festive playlist IMG_9605
  20. Indulge in your favourite seasonal treats and foods such as Candy Canes and Pigs in blankets
  21. Start a new Christmas Tradition– e.g. mine is attending the Good Food Show, as we had never been until this year, but we will definitely be returning next year with all our family!
  22. Take part in ‘Secret Santa’ with family or friends- you each pick another person’s name out of a hat and buy for that person only; giving your group a decided price limit beforehand.
  23. Dry oranges to use as decoration around your house or pair them with other dried fruit and cinnamon sticks for an amazing Christmassy scent.
  24. Go carol singing– who could ever get bored of hearing “Away in a manger?”
  25. Spare some time and make a difference to someone who is less fortunate than yourself. You can do this by donating money to charity, leading a fundraising event, or volunteering some hours to help out.
  26. Get creative! Spend a day making cards, crackers, paper chains, snowflakes and homemade presents to give to others. They will really appreciate the time and thought you have put into their presents, as well as the personalised touches!
  27. Stock up on Christmas scents- whether it is candles, shower gels or room diffusers, the smell of Kitchen spices, oranges and cloves and fern trees always gets me in the Christmas spirit.
  28. Spend time with the family- I find that Christmas is a great time for games (board games or electronic) and this is a perfect way to spend quality time with the ones you love- though if you have a very competitive player in the games, it doesn’t always bode well with trying to find the Christmas Spirit
  29. If your are lucky enough the have a white Christmas you can spend time enjoying the snow:
    1. Watch eagerly from your window as the snowflakes fall
    2. Build a snow man (or multiple ones if you don’t want him to feel lonely)
    3. Make a snow fort/igloo- big enough to crawl inside
    4. Have a snowball fight
  30. Spend some ‘me’ time– run a nice warm bath, light the candles and put in your new Lush Christmas Bath-bomb or bubble-bar. Play your Christmas playlist whilst pampering yourself, and then change into your festive Pj’s and snuggle up under the fresh sheets. If you aren’t feeling festive after this, you read a favourite book or you even watch Christmas movies in bed, whilst drinking hot chocolate and opening that new tub of heroes you just bought. For added ‘me time’ this holiday, why not treat yourself to something you have been secretly longing for in months, and pop it under the tree to open on Christmas day.


Charlotte x

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