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I guess from the first look at this post I look like a super healthy eater, but trust me, in reality, this is the first salad I’ve ever actually ordered from a restaurant!

Anyway, I’ve been to Bills before as my Best Friend’s Mum had won a free meal in any restaurant from her work, and they had chosen to go there, and as their other daughter couldn’t go, they decided to take me instead (yay!). We had a full three-course meal, which was all so delicious and the presentation was so Instagram-ready (although I was embarrassed to take any pictures then-although that didn’t stop me this time!). I had crispy crumbed halloumi for starters, Bill’s hamburger with monterey jack cheese and streaky bacon for mains, followed by warm chocolate brownie for dessert. I would honestly recommend all of these dishes to anyone and I would definatley order them all again; and I’ve tasted a large range of burgers in my time!

The same friend and I, decided to go back to Bill’s Yesterday for lunch as it was so nice (and the most talked about place in the area can I just add) and we decided to try something a little halloumi lightdifferent so we both went for the crispy crumbed halloumi again, as it truly is the best starter I think I have ever had, and the chicken caesar salad.

As I said at the beginning, this is the first salad I have ever had in a restaurant and I wasn’t disappointed. The chicken was seasoned well and grilled to perfection, overall there was just the right amount of salad in the bowl, it wasn’t flooded with sauce and finally, the main thing was that it tasted really good. The one thing which I wasn’t a fan of, but I know was down to personal preference as my friend liked them, were the croutons. I do like croutons, but it was just that they had been in the salad and had absorbed a lot of the moisture and had become quite soggy, so I wasn’t really a massive fan of the texture of them.
But overall the meal was really appetising, the service was really good and I would definitely recommend going over and checking Bills out, as it is one of my favourite restaurants at the moment due to it having a unique but chilled atmosphere and a delicious range of food.

P.s the Halloumi was still just as heavenly as the first time we had it!

Love Charlotte x


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