Borneo: one of the most amazing experiences of my life so far, and one which I was absolutely terrified of doing, before I embarked on the trip.

Last year, I spent a month during the summer holidays in Borneo, Malaysia. It was INCREDIBLE! Words cannot describe how much I enjoyed it and also how much I got out of the trip; learning to live completely independently and getting to experience a totally different culture and way of life, to the one I’m use to here in the UK.

Whilst there, we got ourselves involved in as many different things as possible so that we could really get a feel for their culture and make the most of the time we had there. Our main ‘base’ was in the capital Kota Kinabalu, but we travelled around the Malaysian part of Borneo throughout the expedition; staying in hostels, local villages, tents and lodges, in various areas of the island. There were a couple times were we did have some unwanted company (although thankfully, both times I wasn’t in the room with the mice!) but the mixture of scenes throughout, made it exciting as we hadn’t got a clue what each different accommodation would be like.

Over the 28 days we managed to:

  • ¬†Walk for three days in the jungle and up and down many hills and through pineapple farms, staying in two different villages throughout these days
  • Climbed and reached the summit of Mount Kinabalu (a personal highlight, although all the walking wasn’t my favourite bit I have to say!),
  • Took part in a “Jungle Survival camp” which I thought I would hate, but it was actually really fun as we learnt how to whittle wooden spoons out of bamboo, catch frogs and lay traps in the wild, use blow darts and we went on a night-time wild-life search
  • Volunteered to help build boardwalks in the Sabah Sun Bear sanctuary and visited the Orang-utan sanctuary whilst we stayed in the Sepilok Jungle Resort
  • Stayed in a local village where we¬†volunteered to help paint their community church
  • Rested and relaxed on Mataking Island, where we camped on the beach for two nights and basically had the whole island to ourselves overnight.

After going to Borneo for a month, it has also made me realise how much I would love to travel and explore the Earth, and visit lots of different places and cultures within my lifetime too. If you ever get a chance to do anything like this, take the opportunity, because I promise you, once you come back from the trip, you will be so glad you signed up. I know I am!

Love Charlotte x

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