Whenever I have been asked, “What is your favourite season?”, I never ever know what to say. I mean, I like bits of them all, who doesn’t? But this year, Autumn has really caught my eye, and it has got me far too excited for the season to fully commence and settle into it.

Autumn copyI never really paid much attention to Autumn, or ‘Fall’ as the Americans call it, before, I just sort of lived through it; sad that we had gone back to school, got excited for Halloween, and then looking forward to Christmas. But wasn’t isn’t to love about it?

  • Pumpkin, marshmallow, apple and kitchen spice-scented candles making the house feel cosy and smell divine
  • Hot chocolates and toasting marshmallows by the fire
  • The crisp and beautifully-coloured leaves falling to the ground, in shades of orange, red and yellow
  • The boots, coats and comfortable sweaters coming out practically everyday- don’t you just love the wrapped-up fashion look too? I know I do!
  • Being snuggled up in blankets and watching movies for hours in the evenings
  • Carving pumpkins and dressing up for Halloween, and why not throw a Halloween party?
  • Stocking up your wardrobe with different layers of clothing in burgundy and rust colours
  • Changing your makeup palette from the light summer shades to the darker copper& bronze eyeshadows with dark red vampy and berry-toned lips.

Plus, it has so many perfect and incredible photography opportunities everywhere you look! (Which I definitely need to make the most of this year, as I have no Autumn photos at the moment!)

DSCF6682I hope you have a good Autumn and enjoy all the little things. If you’re not someone who enjoys the whether getting a bit cooler, or watching the rain beating down on your windows, just try to find other areas of the Season which you love, and cherish them instead.

Love Charlotte x

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