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I thought I’d share a recent purchase of mine that I am in LOVE with. I bought this watch a couple of weeks ago from Next for £22, after seeing it displayed and totally falling in love with it. After obsessing over rose gold items, it is no surprise that this one immediately caught my attention as it is, quite frankly, b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l!

A great quality rose gold watch face and detailing, with a slick black leather strap around it; exactly what I had been (unsuccessfully) looking for, prior to this. Being the last one in the store, and therefore quite a find, it was a very spontaneous and an in-the-moment purchase, but definitely one that I am thrilled with, as it goes with every outfit choice and is functional as well as trendy.

Unfortunately, I haven’t seen this watch back in any other Next stores recently (so I am very glad I bought it when I had the chance to); although there are many similar ones floating around online which I have seen, and would look just as great- Etsy is a really good website for finding original buys and things like this, so go over and check it out.
I am just praying that I remember to take it off when I am catching the sun, otherwise this purchase will leave me with some horrible tan lines this summer!

Recent purchase- Rose gold watch with black leather strap


Charlotte x

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